Hilltop Kennels Testimonials

Chris B.
Cedar Rapids

We LOVE Hilltop Kennels! Iíve been boarding dogs at Hilltop Kennels for more than 22 years. Indoor and outdoor areas in their clean, roomy kennels give dogs room to move around. They even offer extra playtime with the animals which I love. It gives the dogs more attention and interaction while away from home. My Lab has a large variety of allergies and canít have a number of foods/toy materials common to most dogs. Everyone is very helpful and careful to avoid those things. They ensure he receives his medication as required. No one could ask for more friendly, caring owners and staff!

Kim W.
North Liberty


Twelve years ago we adopted Sophie. Because we traveled often, we knew we would need to find her a "home away from home". We sure did when we started taking her to Hilltop Kennels! In the beginning I would feel guilty leaving her behind, then I realized she loved it! She would get so excited when we told her she was going to her 'spa'. Enroute to the kennel she knows when we turn left on Wilson Ave. we are close, and she starts getting excited. By the time we are there, she's so ready to get out of the van that she'll climb over us to get to the door if we take too long. After we walk around the beautiful property we check-in and she doesn't look back (even though I want her to). Regardless of how long her 'vacation' is, when I go to pick her up we'll go outside, walk around (again) and then she goes back to their door! At first that hurt, but then I realized that she loved it there.

I know when she is there, she is cared for like she is one of their own. They have always gone the 'extra mile' for us, and I honestly don't know what I would do without them!

Connie L.
Center Point

We have a very active min-pin with separation anxiety issues when we leave her. She is also a master at escape, so finding a kennel and staff that understands our concerns was very important to us. We leave Sadie for as many as 10 days at a time and would not consider anyone but Hilltop Kennels. She is well taken care of and appears to enjoy her stays there. The facility is always clean and staff is very friendly to the pets and owners.

Joyce F
Cedar Rapids

Testimonials Cats Ben and Luke

Our Corgi, Holly, did not mind going to Hilltop Kennels. She would act as if she were arriving to have a lovely visit, and she seemed just as happy when we picked her up. Consequently we began calling the kennel Camp Hilltop. We appreciate that at every visit they check everyone's vaccinations, and we always find the facility very clean. We know that our pets will have a safe, clean place to stay. Our cats, Ben and Luke, do not mind going either. With the extra staff attention they receive, they show no signs of stress whether arriving or going home. As Holly got old and stiff they made her comfortable with extra blankets. They put a walkway down so she wouldn't have to make the step to enter her kennel. This attention to detail makes us glad we found Hilltop Kennels.